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CA Jobs First: Recent Developments and Updates

Dear Partners,

Welcome to this month's California Jobs First update! We're pleased to bring you new developments from the California Community Foundation (CCF), highlighting advancements in the Affinity Hub and Governance Structure. Meanwhile, the Catalyst Grant Application is gearing up for a November 30th submission, and our research initiatives are hitting key milestones. A warm welcome is extended to our new Labor affiliates joining the Steering Committee.

Let's dive in!

Fiscal Agent Updates:

The California Community Foundation (CCF) senior program officer provided updates on key initiatives, including finalizing agreements for the Affinity Hub and CBO Micro Grants. Affinity Hub agreements are near completion for payments by year-end or early 2024. Ongoing clarifications for CBO Micro Grants are underway. CCF is reviewing vendor proposals for the Industry Clusters review process, aiming for agreements by year-end pending Steering Committee approval. The team, with grant writer Julie Ziegler, is working on the Catalyst Program's grant application. Mr. Harbour raised a concern about the Affinity Hub agreement's payout schedule, prompting discussion on its structure. The urgency to address nonprofit barriers and Catalyst grant application updates were also discussed, concluding with the team's efforts to meet the November 30 deadline.

CERF Catalyst Program:

The state Catalyst Program released a closed solicitation for submittal exclusively accessible to Fiscal Agents. ​ Our onboarded grant writer has been working with the Convenor, Fiscal Agent, and Steering Committee in drafting the application. ​Comments and feedback were received and are being incorporated into a final draft of the application and budget. ​The Steering Committee will review and adopt the grant application to be submitted to the state by November 28th, 2023. 

For more information on the CERF Catalyst Fund: Click Here

Research Updates:

The CERF team, in collaboration with the Fiscal Convener, has initiated the contract procurement process for the research component of the LA HRTC's regional deliverable.

  1. Regional Summary, SWOT Analysis, Labor Market Analysis
    • Awarded to CVL Economics​
    • Status: Nearly finished with data collection​
    • Community engagement in the form of 800-900 surveys to be conducted after preliminary analysis​
  2. Industry Clusters, Regional Benchmark, and Accountability Data Tool
    • Not granted as there were initially insufficient bid proposals received.
    • In the second round of bids, three proposals were received.
  3. Economic Research and CERF Research and Data SWOT, Partnerships and Gap Analysis
    • Awarded to Beacon Economics​
    • Status: Nearly finished with data collection​
    • Emphasis on labor shortage and housing crisis​
    • One interview with an industry leader has been conducted with a few more to follow in the upcoming weeks​

LA HRTC Bylaws:

The development of Bylaws for the Collaborative and Steering Committee is underway and nearly complete. The SC will review each provision before finalization and a final document will be brought to the LA HRTC. We are projected to complete the bylaws document by early to mid-December​

Process Mapping:

The Mark USA has finalized a draft of the process mapping effort, which will be shared with the Steering Committee for feedback. The Steering Committee will hold a working meeting to review the revisions, and a final draft will be presented to the LA HRTC.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 105753

Training Capacity Lead Contract:

The training capacity builder contract update reveals that interviews with potential vendors for the California Jobs First program are in progress, and the finalization process is underway. The upcoming selection will identify the vendor responsible for capacity-building efforts, collaborating with the Steering Committee, Affinity Hubs, Table Partner Leads, and Micro Grantees. Emphasizing a focus on Micro Grantees and individual stakeholders, the chosen vendor will provide flexible services tailored to identified needs.


For a comprehensive overview, including detailed summaries, transcripts, recordings, and presentation slides of the November Partners Meeting, kindly access the link provided below.



Embracing Unity: California Jobs First Extends a Warm Welcome to Rejoining Labor Unions

We are happy to announce a significant achievement in our ongoing efforts to collaborate with labor through the California Jobs First Program. After productive discussions with the State, Labor Affiliates, and the Steering Committee, we have successfully reached a consensus to ensure their active participation in the Steering Committee. This consensus marks a pivotal moment in our mission to encourage the active participation of labor in the California Jobs First initiative.

We are particularly pleased to welcome some of the most influential labor unions into the fold, as they join the Steering Committee. This inclusion ensures that the voices of the working class are not only heard but also actively involved in shaping the future of our work. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of our engagement with them, as we collectively strive to further enhance the impact and effectiveness of the California Jobs First Program.

Labor and Workforce Affinity Hub Lead: ​
KIWA: Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance ​

The remaining six slots on the General Steering Committee seats for Labor will be represented by:​

  1. LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO​
  2. LA/OC Building Trades Council​
  3. LA Hospitality & Training Academy (Unite HERE Local 11)​
  4. Worker Education & Resource Center (SEIU 721)​
  5. SEIU- United Healthcare Workers West​
  6. International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers.


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Recap: BizFed Institute Workforce Development Forum and Career Fair

MicrosoftTeams-image (11)-2

The CJF team had the privilege of attending the Workforce Development Forum and Career Fair hosted by BizFed Institute on November 8th, 2023, at UCLA. The event, which brought together local business leaders, industry companies, investors, and regional decision-makers, was a collaborative effort to address the latest workforce development issues in the greater Los Angeles region.

The CJF team, represented by Chioma Agbahiwe and Arman Koohian, played a crucial role in supporting CJF Steering Committee Chair Kevin Harbour's initiatives at the Biz Fed Institute event. Their active involvement and representation on behalf of CJF underscored the commitment to the mission of analyzing and enhancing the state of the workforce in both the public and private sectors. Through strategic preparation, education, application, and calibration, the forum aimed to elevate the skills of the workforce, ensuring they are well-prepared to compete on a global scale. The event provided valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of workforce development.


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