CIV: LAB Climate Fund Application

CIV:LAB Climate Fund - Application for Additional Reviewers and Advisory Committee

Are you seeking funding for climate initiatives in LA? Join CIV:LAB for a live webinar where CIV:LAB staff will walk grant seekers through our eligibility requirements and application. We will go in-depth on our impact and funding priorities and will offer up suggestions as to how to make your application stand out. We will also answer any outstanding questions you might have!

More on CIV:LAB

CIV:LAB is an innovative grantmaking network that directly channels global funds and resources to community climate initiatives. We connect local actors with the resources and funding required to launch bold responses to the present impact and long-term threat of climate change. CIV:LAB aims to expand the clean energy workforce, educate future climate leaders, accelerate industrial decarbonization, and provide aid to organizations that are taking action against the threats of climate change in their own communities.

More on the Climate Fund

CIV:LAB is redefining philanthropy and shaping the role of community and industry participation in achieving national climate goals through place-based grant-making. Our grant-making fund (Climate Fund I) supports organizations or initiatives prioritizing equity, environmental justice, and economic development in the climate space. CIV:LAB is currently implementing the Climate Fund in New York City, Michigan, and Los Angeles, with additional US locations to be added in 2024.

We are looking to fund climate organizations and programs through unrestricted, one-time grants that range in size from $10k to $100k. CIV:LAB is looking to support:

  • Community-based organizations
  • Nonprofits/NGOs
  • Government agencies, projects, or programs
  • Academic programs or projects
  • Startups

CIV:LAB invites organizations and initiatives to apply for a grant to support core funding and efforts in three priority funding areas:

  • Climate Education
  • Climate Technology
  • Climate Workforce Development

Presentation Deck that was presented on the call
Eventbrite link for our upcoming open houses
Application for Advisory Committee and Additional Reviewers



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